บริษัท ไอเอสเอสคอร์ปอเรชั่น จำกัด เป็นเจ้าของแบรนด์เมดิสแกน เมดิสแกนแบรนด์เป็นถุงมือใช้งานทั่วไป ไม่เกี่ยวกับการแพทย์ หากมีคนประกาศขายแบรนด์เมดิสแกนใช้ทางการแพทย์ ไม่ถูกต้อง ขอให้ติดต่อ 

บริษัท ไอเอสเอสคอร์ปอเรชั่น จำกัด ยกเลิกการสั่งซื้อและการใช้บริการทุกอย่างกับบริษัท ไกอะ คอร์เปอร์เรชั่น จำกัด เกี่ยวกับถุงมือใช้งานทั่วไป ในนามแบรนด์เมดิสแกน  

When you are purchasing or intending to purchase Mediscan glove please ensure you are buying from a reliable source and confirm your order direct with your authorized distributor. Mediscan is a well known brand and a solid track record which has made it the target of some counterfeiters. ISS Corporation is constantly tracking down and taking legal action against any such offenders , Our campaign to protect our brand began on the first week of March 2021 operating closely with the authorities and officially registering any copyright breaches with the police. ISS Corporation is the legal owner of the Mediscan Brand which is not a Medical Examination glove , ISS Corporation since February of 2021 has ceased all operations with Gaia Corporation (Thailand) as its product supplier for the Mediscan brand of Nitrile Composite , Disposable glove. 

 If you have been solicited with sales based on French language Mediscan box or packaging then please be advised this is fake and counterfeit

Mediscan, ISS Corporation Co Ltd does not give certificates or documents to agents or brokers to solicit sales, if you have been given documents or certificates by a broker or agent then we advise you contact The only documents that ISS corporation issues to potential buyers are the Sellers Declaration of conformity, the USA/FDA Owner Operator Manufacture number and a pin number to a secure section of our website giving customers who have signed agreement access to company document . ISS Corporation does not sell The Mediscan Packaged product locally in Thailand and are EXPORT ONLY nor do we sell via facebook other than our official face book page or any other form of social media.

Mediscan Nitrile Composite Powder Free, Disposable, Single Use gloves are not to be confused with Sterile Medical Grade Latex  and  are an alternative hand protection option that is growing in popularity .

In the past latex gloves were traditionally used, many people have allergies to latex and suffer from skin irritations when they use these gloves for long periods of time. The difference between latex gloves and nitrile Composite gloves is that Latex is made from natural rubber, while nitrile Composite gloves are produced from synthetic rubber called nitrile rubber (also called NBR, Buna-N, or acrylonitrile butadiene rubber with added PVC for durability ). Synthetic nitrile Composite rubber tends to produce few issues with allergic conditions and gloves made from this material have several advantages:

  • Mediscan Nitrile Composite ,Powder Free, Disposable , Single use Gloves are price competitive with latex or vinyl gloves
  • Mediscan Nitrile Composite, Powder Free, Disposable , Single use gloves provide a comfortable fit even for extended periods
  • Mediscan Powder Free, Disposable , Single use gloves offer a good tactile sense
  • Nitrile Composite PVC mix rubber offers good chemical resistance, more so than latex
  • Mediscan Nitrile Composite film is thin and allows for good heat dissipation that reduces sweating
  • and skin irritation
  • Mediscan Nitrile Composite ,Powder Free, Disposable, Single use gloves will take up less volume for the equivalent quantity, saving on
  • storage and transportation costs
  • The Mediscan Nitrile Composite Glove compered to Pure nitrile is far more cost effective than Pure Nitrile yet still has a stretch capability of 12-18 inches (depending on production batches and glove size) as opposed to pure Nitrile of 12-24 inches plus. 

The Mediscan Powder Free, Disposable, Single use Gloves are made to the best possible standards and Gloves and products associated with the brand are screened to ensure this level of quality is passed in to the end user.

If your company is intending to purchase  Mediscan Powder Free, Disposable, Single use  Gloves then please before you proceed you need to clearly understand or though the Mediscan Powder Free, Disposable , Single use glove are manufactured under the strict quality systemization of a Nitrile Composite  Examination glove ,ISS Corporation has chosen to market the product as Disposable Glove offering a larger distribution market.

ISS Corporation Co Ltd only offers a declaration of conformity with all products sold. All other Documents including SGS and USA FDA registration numbers can be found Via the QR code on the box or the Specification section of the website. Importers must remember to state on all importation documentation the following words : NITRILE COMPOSITE DISPOSABLE, POWDER FREE ,LATEX FREE FOR SINGLE USE ONLY or risk shipments being rejected .




Before you purchase Mediscan Composite gloves you need to understand the following :

1. This Mediscan Glove is a Nitrile Composite ,Disposable ,single use ,Powder free , Latex Free class I PPE device, The Mediscan Composite is made up of the finest qualities to meet only the best standards for a Composite glove. The blend is sometimes referred to as 80% which has no relationship to the amount of Nitrile or NBR the Composite glove contains, The Mediscan Nitrile Composite invention relates to an NBRL (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Latex) composite material blended with PVC. The Mediscan composite material is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by mass: In reality a Nitrile composite glove consists of NBRL( Nitrile) , PVC and in some cases a variance of composite for resistance , 0.2 to 10 percent of surfactant, 0.1 to 5 percent of vulcanize, 0.1 to 10 percent of vulcanizing accelerator, 0.5 to 5 percent of antioxidant, 1 to 5 percent of low-temperature plasticizer and 2 to 8 percent of tackifier. The invention also relates to low temperature-resisting butyronitrile gloves prepared from the NBRL composite material. The butyronitrile composite gloves have good flexibility under low temperature, and simultaneously have excellent oil resistance and excellent wear resistance. Disposable gloves formulations offering a more suitable gloves are worn for longer periods of time and are 100% latex free and should not be confused with a vinyl glove or similar.

One must remember to avoid litigation the words Nitrile 100% should not be used when advertising due to the fact the glove must have accelerator, it must have color, it must have antioxidant and other additives to make the glove practical , In relation to the term sometimes used being that of Nitrile Composite 80% this means that a Maximum of 80% of the Mediscan gloves mass is made up of Nitrile and PVC and the remainder being other composites as shown above. therefore legally we at Mediscan feel it would be unethical to use the term 100% Nitrile in advertising for this product.

2. All warranties of certification are for the understanding that Mediscan Nitrile Composite, Disposable Gloves are manufactured to the highest standard .

3. Declaration of conformity by the Seller state that all the products produced or supply are produced to the standards stipulated in general , however it depends on which of the supplied products by the producer are purchased. The declaration does not in anyway guarantee the product is anything other that a Class I PPE device.

4.We the brand owner do not supply documentation or certification for the purpose of evaluating the Product  as anything other than the  those documents  attached to the QR code system of our packaging state

The following are the SOP methods to proceed with purchasing our products.

A. Information Exchange/Confirmation of Terms

1. Purchase: The business activity directed to securing the material, supplies and equipment required by a buyer being that of Mediscan Nitrile Composite Powder Free, Disposable , Single use Gloves. It has a long-range objective of ensuring continuity of cost-effective supplies of material and service.

2. Supplier: A person/ company who provides the products/services to the buyer on the basis of a predetermined rate mutually agreed by both the parties.

3. LOI: A document forwarded by the proposed buyer for the Purchase of Mediscan products or services outlining target price, requested terms, quantities and products.

4. RC (Reply to Customer) : In the sellers reply the  the potential buyer offering a price based on the buyers request and the seller’s ability to provide the products based on the terms.

5. BUYER COMPANY PROFILE: The buyer is required to supply an up to date company profile to the seller.

6. POF: Upon the seller being comfortable with the buyer a request is made for a Bank Certified proof of funds. This is only accepted from a recognized bank and not a lawyer or notary, with out a certified POF addressed to ISS Corporation co,ltd you cannot move on to receive an official Quote .

7. After a POF is received the buyer will receive a certified FCO (Full corporate Offer addressed to the POF owner and issuer of the LOI, this will be accompanied with accompanied with the Product specifications and relevant documentation

8. PO: Purchase Order is an authorized, official order for purchase of the said products it is normally issued after the price and the terms of payment are agreed upon. It is expected that the POF and PO are issued together.

B. SPA Contract Negotiation

9. DD: Due Diligence. After receiving all of the above the seller conduct a due diligence checks on the buyer to determine if the documentation and buyer meets the requirements for the seller to accept the order. With a Company Profile supplied this process will take up to 3 working days, without a company profile supplied the process will take 5 working days.

10. Draft Contract: A draft contract will be issued subject to the seller supplying with a production schedule, DOC (Declaration of Conformity) out laying certifications – FDA Owner Operator Number  and other related to required for the product to enter in to the buyers nominated destination. Note We do not issues Copies of factory certificates or copies of previous customers deliveries, only a declaration of conformity is provided as TUV Nord or SGS will confirm the quality of the product

11. Terms of Sale – EXW Factory warehouse only. The product is packed ready to ship and TUV/SGS loading report in relation to Quantity, Documentation, Specification and Quality before loading by the buyers designated freight forwarding company/carrier . The Mediscan designated warehouse is within 15 kilometers of the Port of Laemchabang, we do not charge for storage at our warehouse will you are waiting to secure transportation vessel’s

13. SPA: This is the final and certified Sale Contract based on all the above negotiations  is a legal binding contract protecting both the buyer and the seller setting forth buyer/seller responsibilities for the entire transaction – designated purchase request, quantity, specifications, delivery schedules, any required documentation identified and buyer/seller responsibility to obtain, LC terms and payment terms, bank details, and any other contract requirements as identified and negotiated.

C. Contract Execution

14. From the date of signing the SPA the customer has 3 days to provide a deposit of 50% which must be transmitted with in 3 days of signing the SPA or the SPA will be void and cancelled

15. We do not accept LC or Escrow , all sales are paid by way of TT.

The reason we do not accept LC is the time delays and expense associated with the procedures. however for continuous high volume orders LC at sight EX Works terms is accepted. 

16. If the TT is not received with in 3 days of signing the contract then the contract will be void and cancelled with out notice and a new buyer will receive the allocated quota

17.  All balances are based on TUV or SGS loading inspection a under the contract terms based on  (EXW at ORIGIN) , please remember no product leaves the warehouse without payment cleared. The accepted fail rate for a TUV inspection is out of every 500 glove the maximum fail rate for Aesthetics ,workmanship, function and performance is Major defects 14 gloves out of 500pcs for Minor Defects 21 gloves out of 500 pcs is accepted . The average defect is normally around 10 to 12 gloves per 500pcs. Colors can slightly very due different production lines however are normally consistent. In relation to volume per box most companies accept a max of 2% variation, Mediscan brands operation on 1%                                                                                                                                                                            18. Potential Buyer’s must due their due diligence in relation to the product being advertised. This site explains clearly the product regardless of any verbal conversation with sale teams or interpretation of labeling . The word “composite” refers to a blend of substance’s (Soup) showing that the blend or formula of the said glove contains added contents as listed above. The Word “Nitrile Glove” does not refer to Pure Nitrile Blend unless the word ” Pure” is used.

19. Most regions Globally accept the usage of a Disposable glove for the purpose Examination at the users discretion and understand it is not a sterile Glove . It is the responsibility of the buyer or importer to understand and comply with any and all regulations of the country or destination. ISS Corporation takes no responsibility for third party marketing or advertising . 

20. The Stretch of a Nitrile Composite Glove compered to a   Nitrile Pure Blend can differ from batch to batch and sizes . The average Nitrile Composite glove will stretch from 12 >18 inches and even some batches may stretch to 24 inches . A Pure Blend of Nitrile at a much higher cost will stretch any where from 12 >24 inches ,however one must remember Regardless of the glove being Prue blend Nitrile or Composite Nitrile the gloves will lose integrity if stretched beyond 18 Inches being more than 30% of the glove un-stretched structure and should be disposed of and not used if stretched to this effect when placing on the hand . the following link shows the correct method to use a Nitrile Composite glove in comparison to a Pure Nitrile blend .