Mediscan Technologies brand owned by ISS Corporation Co Ltd is leading the way in the medical technology field, Mediscan Technologies provides, produces and sources the highest caliber of medical supplies and products – with innovation and client care at the core of its values. All products distributed by ISS Corporation under the brand Mediscan  are compliant with quality regulatory requirements, with in-servicing and ongoing support provided as part of the trusted partnership between ISS Corp and Mediscan staff supported by healthcare professionals and product suppliers.

Here at Medscan Technologies, our values are linked to four key areas of our business: Innovation, Collaboration, Ownership, and Good Business.

Foremost, Mediscan supports innovation and ingenuity, ISS Corporation Co Ltd the brand owners  believe that by collaborating with the best in the business, we can deliver the finest technologies and results. At Mediscan Technologies we believe that good business relies on intuition and precision, and we back every decision with 100% ownership and support.

Seeking Collaboration
At Mediscan Technologies we believe in collaboration. From a colleague making a sale to a customer saving lives, At Mediscan we are driven to help others because their victories give us satisfaction. We are big on pooling knowledge. We seek advice and always share lessons we have learned.

As of early May 2020, over 4.7 million people have been confirmed to be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus commonly referred to as COVID-19, and governments are scrambling to contain its spread. The high R0 value (a measure of contagiousness- estimated to be between 2.0 and 3.02) of SARS-CoV-2 means that those infected copiously spread the virus and develop complications suddenly. As a result, health care systems are overwhelmed, and the effective delivery of medical care to all patients has become a challenge worldwide. Insufficient attention to early warning signs, inadequate stockpiling, lack of access to testing kits and personal protective equipment (PPE), and nationwide variability in the approaches to testing, distribution of PPE, and timing and degree of social distancing measures likely all affected the spread of the disease. Inadequate PPE, overcrowding, and difficulty protecting existing patients are key challenges the medical industry is grappling with.

Medical device manufacturers have not escaped the pandemic’s impact. Similar to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers rely heavily on healthcare facilities for their clinical trial data collection. Most medical device products must undergo clinical trials both pre- and post-market before manufacturers can obtain certificates for market approval. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, medical device companies are finding it difficult to make informed decisions about their products, supply chains, and regulatory obligations in the midst of uncertainty. Medical device professionals have the unenviable task of asking for a pause amid the panic. No matter how bad it is or how bad it might get, here’s the truth: heedless action will make it worse. Despite the adrenaline telling us to produce as fast as possible, this is the moment when quality matters more than anything else.

With a strategy that leverages exemptions, production procedures that innovate to fill needs and a communication plan that works across public and private entities, you can navigate the chaos and support public health. Announcements from governing bodies and conversations with key decision-makers and regulatory experts hold the key to the success of the medical device industry.

Overall, the implementation of several new regulations may be postponed allowing both companies and regulatory agencies time to react to the crisis. However, there is no evidence this will alter reporting deadlines for established legislation. In light of all of the above  ISS Corporation chose to move into the business of distributing and producing both General Purpose and as of Sept 1 2021 Examination Glove Nitrile Powder free non sterile non medical grade gloves as we believe the market for hygiene in the general purpose category is equally as important as the Medical grade examination glove. ISS Corporation entered into a strategic investment with its China based plant to produce the first 510K CE27777 certified Mediscan Examination Glove to match its Thailand production of Disposable nitrile Composite and EX-PRO100 Pure nitrile. By combining the production ISS Corporation can offer a full and satisficing service to its clients    

Dengue fever, dengue haemorrhagic fever, and dengue shock syndrome (DF/DHF/DSS) are tropical diseases that cause significant humanitarian and economic hardship. It is estimated that more than 2.5 billion people are at risk of infection and more than 100 countries have endemic dengue virus transmission.

Laboratory tests are essential to provide an accurate diagnosis of dengue virus infection so that appropriate treatment and patient management may be administered. In many dengue endemic settings, laboratory diagnostic resources are limited and a simple rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) can provide opportunities for point-of-care diagnosis intern saving lives.
Mediscan Co Ltd addresses current issues relating to the application of commercial dengue RDTs for the diagnosis of acute dengue virus infection, recent diagnostic evaluations, and identifies future needs.
Why Do We Need Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs)
Laboratory tests are essential to provide an accurate diagnosis of acute dengue virus infection at patient presentation to a clinical setting