Mediscan Nitrile gloves are an alternative hand protection option that is growing in popularity and use in medical and industrial applications. In the past latex gloves were traditionally used, many people have allergies to latex and suffer from skin irritations when they use these gloves for long periods of time. The difference between latex gloves and nitrile gloves is that Latex is made from natural rubber, while nitrile gloves are produced from synthetic rubber called nitrile rubber (also called NBR, Buna-N, or acrylonitrile butadiene rubber). Synthetic nitrile rubber tends to produce few issues with allergic conditions and gloves made from this material have several advantages:

  • Mediscan Nitrile Gloves are price competitive with latex or vinyl gloves
  • Mediscan Nitrile gloves provide a comfortable fit even for extended periods
  • Mediscan gloves offer a good tactile sense
  • Nitrile rubber offers good chemical resistance, more so than latex
  • Mediscan Nitrile film is thin and allows for good heat dissipation that reduces sweating
  • and skin irritation
  • Mediscan Nitrile gloves will take up less volume for the equivalent quantity, saving on
  • storage and transportation costs

The Mediscan Gloves are made to the best possible standards and Gloves and products associated with the brand are screened to ensure this level of quality is passed in to the end user.



 A. Information Exchange/Confirmation of Terms

1. Purchase: The business activity directed to securing the material, supplies and equipment required by a buyer. It has a long-range objective of ensuring continuity of cost-effective supplies of material and service.

2. Supplier: A person/ company who provides the products/services to the buyer on the basis of a predetermined rate mutually agreed by both the parties.

3. LOI: A document forwarded by the proposed buyer for the Purchase of Mediscan products or services outlining target price, requested terms, quantities and products.

4. RC (Reply to Customer) : In the sellers reply the  the potential buyer offering a price based on the buyers request and the seller’s ability to provide the products based on the terms.

5. BUYER COMPANY PROFILE: The buyer is required to supply an up to date company profile to the seller.

6. POF: Upon the seller being comfortable with the buyer a request is made for a Bank Certified proof of funds. This is only accepted from a recognized bank and not a lawyer or notary, with out a certified POF addressed to ISS Corporation co,ltd you cannot move on to receive an official Quote .

7. After a POF is received the buyer will receive a certified FCO (Full corporate Offer addressed to the POF owner and issuer of the LOI, this will be accompanied with accompanied with the Product specifications

8. PO: Purchase Order is an authorized, official order for purchase of the said products it is normally issued after the price and the terms of payment are agreed upon. It is expected that the POF and PO are issued together.

B. SPA Contract Negotiation

9. DD: Due Diligence. After receiving all of the above the seller conduct a due diligence checks on the buyer to determine if the documentation and buyer meets the requirements for the seller to accept the order. With a Company Profile supplied this process will take up to 3 working days, without a company profile supplied the process will take 5 working days.

10. Draft Contract: A draft contract will be issued subject to the seller supplying with a production schedule, DOC (Declaration of Conformity) out laying certifications – FDA, CE, ISO EN455 1-2-3-4 , EN374 1-2-3-4 and other related to required for the product to enter in to the buyers nominated destination. Note We do not issues Copies of factory certificates or copies of previous customers deliveries, only a declaration of conformity is provided as SGS will confirm the the certifications before draw down on the LC

11. Terms of Sale – FOB Origin (EXW). The product is packed ready to ship and SGS examination and certification completed in relation to Quantity, Documentation, Specification and Quality before loading by the buyers designated freight forwarding company/carrier . The Mediscan designated warehouse is within 15 kilometers of the Port of Laemchabang, we do not charge for storage at our warehouse will you are waiting to secure transportation vessel’s

13. SPA: This is the final and certified Sale Contract based on all the above negotiations  is a legal binding contract protecting both the buyer and the seller setting forth buyer/seller responsibilities for the entire transaction – designated purchase request, quantity, specifications, delivery schedules, any required documentation identified and buyer/seller responsibility to obtain, LC terms and payment terms, bank details, and any other contract requirements as identified and negotiated.

C. Contract Execution

14. From the date of signing the SPA the customer has 3 days to provide a Draft MT799 SBLC  at sight which must be transmitted with in 5 days of signing the SPA or the SPA will be void and cancelled

15. ALL LC’s are irrevocable transferable.

The revolving LC must be capable of accommodating multiple transactions over a long period of time in such a way as to be used for regular or partial shipments of the same commodity between the same buyer (importer) and the seller (exporter). This letter of credit is issued only once for a certain period of time or a certain number of transactions and avoids the need for repetitive arrangements to open a new letter of credit for every transaction.

16. If the TT or LC is not received with in 5 days of signing the contract then the contract will be void and cancelled with out notice and a new buyer will receive the allocated quota

17. SGS: All balances and LC draw downs are based on SGS inspection and Certification under the contract terms based on FOB Origin (EXW).